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February 7, 2013

For Immediate Release

Conn-Selmer proudly introduces the highly anticipated extension in their pBone line:  the pBone Mini

pBone_ORANGE.jpgFirst there was the Jiggs pBone and all its glorious colors.  That same team now brings you the pbone mini, specially designed for the young, beginner player exploring the world of brass.  It is a fully functioning, plastic, pitched in Eb trombone and a fun, cost effective introduction to the world of alto trombones.

This incredibly light and durable instrument with its special mouthpiece positively encourages young players from their first few notes played, due to the great sound and useful working range they can develop quickly.  “We created the special pBone mini beginner mouthpiece for 5, 6 and 7 year olds who are having their first experience of brass instruments,” stated Chris Fower, Managing Director of pBone in a recent interview.  He goes on to say, “One of the things we found in research was that with small kids it’s hard for them to generate air pressure and lip tension to cross harmonics up to a concert Bb from an Eb.”  The pBone mini was designed with young lips in mind and is smaller than any other modern trombone mouthpiece. It is versatile with any small shank mouthpiece as well, so it is easily added to any jazz instrument collection. The pBone mini has seven full positions and a great first octave. 

pboneminiredblue.jpgThe pBone mini could very well be the cutest trombone in the world!  It is available in Blue and Red.  The Jiggs pBone is available in 7 color varieties: Orange (new!), Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Purple. Both versions are sold with a bag and strap.

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It’s that time again:  The Lifetime Achievement Award Nominees are listed below and we’d like your help to decide this year’s winner!  Many nominations were received for this prestigious award.  The top 5 finalists and their biographical links are below. Read about these artists and then vote for who you think will be the 2013 Centerstage Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Vote at: 


 Fred__Hemke.png  Charles_Miles_.png  Donald__Oehler.png  Chris__Vadala.png  Bill_Watrous.png

Fred Hemke

Charles “Butch” Miles


Donald Oehler

Chris Vadala

Bill Watrous

Artists Biographies:






Voting closes March 30, 2013.

The award recipient will be announced: June 10, 2013. 

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For Immediate Release

March 4, 2013

Ludwig Continues to Innovate and Increase Set-Up Flexibility with The ATLAS Mount!

The Ludwig ATLAS mount creates a positioning location anywhere on a drum, NO DRILLING REQUIRED. It adds mounting where you need it, taking drum placement and tone to new heights.

The new hardware is a three-point suspension system in a self-contained unit that simply attaches to the shell by replacing the lug. The new ATLAS mount effectively separates the isolation system from the drum, allowing the drum to resonate as an independent unit, without effect from the drum mount.   The result is smoother decay, longer sustains, and increased resonance.  Plus, the set-up flexibility it presents is truly stunning.” Commented Joshua Allen, engineer developer of the Ludwig ATLAS Mount.

Floor tom legs, auxiliary cymbal arms and other accessories are positioned with ease and totally isolated from the shell. The 12.7mm clamp on the ATLAS Mount is isolated from shell contact by two hardened steel pins, floating on elastomer mounts over the integrated tension casing. The Ludwig ATLAS mount fits 25mm-43mm sized drum hole spacing. 

The ATLAS Mount is available now on Keystone Series drum sets and components, and custom-configured Legacy and Classic Maple drums from Ludwig USA.  It will be available as a single item in summer 2013.

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For Immediate Release

Conn-Selmer Artist Wins Jazz Recording of the Year Award

Last week, at the 25th Anniversary of the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) Conn-Selmer’s saxophone artist Joel Miller took home the Jazz Recording of the Year Award for his album Swim.

Joel MillerJoel commented, “I'm thrilled to have received an East Coast Music Award for my album Swim. The CD was released on U.S. label Origin Records features my saxophone playing and writing along with pianist Geoffrey Keezer, Fraser Hollins and Greg Ritchie. Swim is also nominated for Juno Award this spring and I look forward to future performances in Canada and the U.S.”

“I'm also excited to have discovered the bronze Yanagisawa soprano (992). I've been playing on it a lot lately. I can't keep my hands off it actually! I'm psyched about practicing it and working it into my new repertoire,” added Joel Miller.

ECMA is a non-profit association that supports music on the east coast of Canada. It has hosted an annual ceremony since 1989; it was known then as the Maritime Music Awards. At the launch of these awards, there were five categories: Album of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Video of the Year, now it is up to 25 categories. ECMA is the biggest Atlantic Canada music event and one of the best of its kind in North America.

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February, 4, 2013

For Immediate Release

Ludwig and Amir Thompson present Breakbeats by Questlove

QuestloveSerious about your sound but restricted with space to express your voice? Questlove and Ludwig understand and have your solution.  Breakbeats by Questlove is a portable, compact, quality sound kit that provides you the fullness to make your pulse heard.

"I wanted to build a device that was apartment-friendly and compact for the street musician.  Also something that was quality-sounding.  A gritty, raw, 'Break-able' kit for gigging in clubs that you can fit in a cab," said Grammy Award-winning producer, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson (The Roots) in a recent interview.

The multi-purpose, versatile kit was designed with the city and small spaces in mind but plays like a full-sized kit emanating traditional, virtuous tone and volume. With its compact  14x16” bass drum, 7x10”tom, 5x14” wood snare drum, 7-ply hardwood Questloveshell, vintage kit look, and velvet storage bags  this is a must have  to any drummer on the move.

Create heartfelt beats on the fly and have your sound heard at gigs, on the street or in an apartment.  Be a Voice. Be a Legend – Join the Family. 








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On Thursday, September 7th, Conn-Selmer honored its exclusive Japanese Vincent Bach distributor Nonaka Boeki with a presentation of the 700,000th Bach Stradivarius trumpet.  The 700,000th serial number instrument was built at the Bach plant in June and was held for the special presentation in front of the entire manufacturing team.


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Conn-Selmer and Selmer Paris are proud to announce a collaboration project for two new saxophone models with planned arrival in time for the 2012 holiday season. Since the inception of the saxophone, the Selmer Paris brand has become the most recognized name in professional instruments. As the North American distributor and the owner of the Selmer name in the USA, Conn-Selmer has established an equally strong market position in student and intermediate instruments. This collaboration will draw the two companies’ brands together in performance and value for price packages that cannot be offered by any other manufacturer.
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Gonzalez Reeds has launched three new lines of reeds – The Classic line for all wind instruments, the Jazz line for alto and tenor saxophone, and the GD line for Bb clarinet. Already known for their high quality cane and exceptional playability, these lines will help round out Gonzalez’ offerings and give every player something to choose from in the Gonzalez family.
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Music Note
Upholding the Tradition of Master Trumpet Maker Vincent Bach, We Proudly Introduce the Newest in the World-Class Line of Bach Stradivarius.

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ER402RC4.jpgDr. Eugene Rousseau, famed performing artist and master teacher of saxophone, has recently introduced an important new addition to his popular saxophone mouthpiece line.  The new E.Rousseau RC alto saxophone mouthpieces deliver a centered, darker tone, a wide dynamic range and terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register. 

The RC mouthpiece design features slightly reshaped sidewalls and baffle, and is now available for alto saxophone in three facings – RC3 (med. close), RC4 (medium) and RC5 (med. open).  The E.Rousseau saxophone mouthpiece line is distributed by music dealers worldwide through Conn-Selmer.

Dr. Rousseau’s mouthpieces include special designs for both classical and jazz performance.  The Classic R Series is designed to meet the needs of the serious classical performer. These mouthpieces provide a warm centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection. The New Classic line delivers for players that prefer a more controlled response.  Recently added is the Classic RC Series for Alto that features a centered, darker tone and provides for a wide dynamic range with terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register.

The E.Rousseau Jazz models are designed for power and versatility needed to cover the entire spectrum of jazz, pop and rock performance. The Studio Jazz Series provides excellent edge and power, but remains consistent with a traditional solid tonal center, while the JDX Series features a unique wedged baffle that balances a stable sound with greater power, offering the edge and projection needed to "cut through".  The Jazz Metal mouthpieces allow the player to achieve a powerful tone with an excellent balance of edge and warmth.

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